Never Purpose Always Personal (NPAP) LLC goal is  to educate and empower all ages from different walks of life to have a positive mindset. 


The vision of NPAP is to create a safe and open environment for people to empower themselves through educational workshops. 


NPAP assess your organization's needs and customizes a workshop to fill those needs of the employees, students or child. Every workshop is tailored to each client and uses several types of techniques to motivate and educate to yield positive results.


NPAP's keynote speaker, Monique Turner is a motivated woman who educates others based on her past life experiences. Her past allows her to create a lifelong connection with her audience and instills the drive needed to find quality in their life and work performance. 

    Monique Turner as a young woman who experienced hardship when she lost both parents, grandmother and aunt. Later she found her self serving a 5-year federal prison sentence leaving her 7-year old son behind. Her determination and will power enabled her to become a community speaker and leader. Monique later invested in her community as the founder of Family Purpose, a non-profit youth organization. 

        She has found her life purpose by educating people on the art of positive thinking through motivational speaking and youth advocacy. Her books, workshops, and speaking engagements continue to empower people to reflect and feel motivated to better themselves. 






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