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Monique Turner empowers students, educators, and parents to...

Manage Their EMOTIONS to Master Their CHOICES.

Monique delivers her message in a way that she connects with Students and Educators

Co-founder of Family Purpose a nonprofit organization serving youth K-12 since 2013. Supporting over 20,000 students addressing the social and emotional barriers they face through the lens of emotional intelligence. 


Schools, Colleges, and Organizations bring Monique in to Speak and inspire in areas concerning; 

  • Bullying 

  • Social Media (Cyberbullying, Exposed, Threats, Subliminal Post) 

  • Retention ( Behavior, Referrals, Suspensions, Attendance, Expulsions) 

  • Social and Emotional Learning 

  • Managing Emotions & Making Healthy Choices 

"Monique inspired our community as she shared her story of resilience and victory! Her power ignited a fire in our youth and many were rushing towards the end to get a copy of her book. She is truly Dynamic!​

Latoya Fernandez, Founder & Director of YouthHype

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Change your mindset, improve your life.

Never Personal Always Purpose Journal- H

Learn the mindset, habits, and skills that will help you excel in both your career and life.


See Monique in action as she drops gems on how to breakthrough to your purpose.


"Eye-opening, and certainly useful. It will change the way you think about and react to certain situations."

"Monique was able to connect with the class more, some people just come and talk to students instead of connecting. I was able to translate what was taught to me and put it into my life."

"It made me think about how I'm managing my personal life"

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