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"You are worthy. You have a purpose. Do not allow yourself to think any differently. The world cannot afford it." 

Monique Turner is a keynote speaker, author, and youth advocate, who works with organizations, individuals, and families to transform their lives. With her mantra, Never Personal Always Purpose, Monique is on a mission to help others overcome challenging moments so that they may find fulfillment, and above it all, success. 

Early in her journey, Monique experienced some of life’s hardest struggles, the death of both her mother and father, her grandmother, and great-grandmother, who were her biggest supporters, and her aunt who became her guardian, all before the age of 23. The domino of tragedies left her unprotected on the streets of San Francisco, California, learning to defend herself. 

By 25, she would later find herself facing a five-year Federal prison sentence, forcing her to leave her 7-year old son behind. Monique had an important decision to make. At this crossroad, she  asked herself “Is this the life meant for me?” Her answer was NO. Using her time wisely, she turned around her entire life, and while doing so, she learned the skills needed to write her own motion and expunge her criminal record. Today, Monique seeks

to transform and uplift the voices of the underserved and unheard. She has helped over 15,000 at-risk youth and formerly incarcerated individuals reclaim their lives and discover their true purpose.


Monique has been featured in publications including Knock Smith Magazine. She is a member of the Powerhouse Women and Toastmasters. 

When she’s not speaking, you may find Monique playing basketball, reading, dancing, and swimming.

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