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Virtual Services

Managing Emotions in the Workplace

A workshop for managing one's emotions in the workplace is beneficial for the employer, employee and customers they assist. Without the ability of knowing how to channel one's emotions, happiness will be unachievable. The impact of hiring an employee who knows how to act and when to act is essential for a profitable business. This is why the trainings cover the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. 

Social Media Etiquette Workshop

Providing people with the tools they need to help youth navigate through social media in a positive way. Our workshop cover all the main topics that people run into when there is a lack of etiquette. 

Levels of Frustration Workshop

Are you dealing with frustration in the workplace, home, school, or on the road. If so, Monique's Levels Of Frustration Workshop will help you learn your triggers. 

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching that helps individuals manage their triggers throughout the day affecting their relationships, such as anger and despair. 

Adopting the NPAP model will help you learn how to respond with logic instead of your emotions. Monique will give you the power and understanding of self awareness for self growth and peace. A few sessions with Monique will empower you!

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